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Control your room temperature

Having a smart thermostat can detect when you’re not at home so no energy is wasted. As you return to your home or office, you can switch it on from your smartphone.


Improved Comfort & Convenience

A good thermostat system can help you maintain the climate inside different parts of your home or workplace.

We can provide light sensors that permit you to control your window treatments based on lighting outdoors.

Also set your thermostat to adjust automatically if you're away.


For Energy Efficiency & Glare Reduction

Easy to use and read, programmable thermostats are essential in setting the right temperature.

Maximizing HVAC efficiency is key to lower your energy bills. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also use it remotely.


Determine Energy Usage

Consistency in room temperature and energy consumption is never easy.

With a thermostat integration, you can save energy, especially in a workplace setting.


Integrate with Shades, Lighting & Many More

You can have more advanced thermostats that can be integrated with automated shading and lighting along with other home automation products.