Smart Lighting for Every Mood & Moment

/ HOW it works

Lighten up, your home & workplace will like it

Make one room look like 4 rooms with smart lighting. From accent lights and wall wash to general downlighting and directional lighting, we offer a host of lighting solutions for you.


We Can Assign your Lights to Do the Work for You

Having a system makes it easy to digitally assign occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, time clocks, manual controls and other controls.


Have Wired or Wireless Control

Our team can plan and install a wired lighting control system using one elegant keypad or touchscreen panel, while a wireless lighting control system can communicate with a processor that can be hidden in a utility room.

The latter requires less cost and planning and is a good option for renters as there is no need to drill  walls and run cable.


Control Your Lights with Apps

Home automation devices are usually controlled with apps or dedicated controllers.

Our team can let you control your lighting in numerous ways and devices.

Turn off every light or turn on when you're away from your mobile app.


Create Your Mood While You Save Energy

Energy-efficient smart light bulbs give you the ability to reduce your lighting use and your carbon footprint.

Keep your home safe while you're away with lighting you can control from anywhere you are.

Holiday seasons and other special occasions can showcase your smart lighting