Chamber of Commerce-Fort Lauderdale

Chamber of Commerce-Fort Lauderdale

Boardroom automation system for high level meetings

Having 200 people from around the world to call in annually in a conference room that sees 200 high level meetings may not seem a lot, but technical disruptions are unavoidable.
We implemented a microphone system to capture and output high quality audio throughout the conference room. For those in the room, directional mics pick up sound from a specific area -- or speaker, which means no one needs to be mic’d up to speak; the mic takes care of it.
The space has also been custom-made for people around the world to call in and communicate during meetings more efficiently. Speaker’s presentations are displayed clearly on the projector, setting the tone for a more focused meeting.
Workplace automation integrations provided:

Audio Video Distribution
Boardroom Automation
Presentation Solutions
Smart Lighting
Video Presentation
Automated Window Treatments

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