Overwhelmed? Renting? This Starter Eases You into Renter-Friendly Smart Home Tech

Overwhelmed? Renting? This Starter Eases You into Renter-Friendly Smart Home Tech

Premium Digital Control, the leading home automation company in Florida, is now offering the best smart home experience even if you’re renting your home or apartment. Launched this month, Premium’s renter-friendly smart home tech called Smart Home Starter is perfect for home renters who want to invest in smart home technology that will not just move with them, but one they can also customize wherever they decide to move to in the future.

At present, there are a hundred other products out there that can do one specific thing — these are the usual door locks, virtual assistants and smart light bulbs, which can add up and become a problem if they are not connected together.  

For newcomers, they will like to hear that the Smart Home Starter is a painless way of introducing themselves to smart home technology, for the following reasons: there’s no construction work involved that will compromise a rental house or apartment, which means one doesn’t need permission from a landlord; no need to review hundreds of smart home products, as Premium already knows the products they will need; and no messy wiring as Premium’s expert integrators will make sure that the setup is clean and organized.

Customized smart home

If anyone has looked into smart home devices and found themselves in a rabbit hole of gadgets to research, it can be too overwhelming. People are busy enough already to be bothered by having a list of gadgets that might also be incompatible with each other. For those who have already bought one too many, it’s not surprising why many resign themselves to the idea that smart home technology is not there yet.

There’s some grain of truth there only because companies producing smart devices are rushing to differentiate themselves to gain the upperhand. So far, the loudest noise is coming from companies that churn out product after product — the spray-and-pray approach — in the hopes that one of them becomes a big hit to consumers.  

Newcomers can learn from early adopters of smart home device owners that you don’t have to go the route of accumulating products because it’s the latest thing, but aim for what you would like to achieve in the long run — having a customized smart home. Coming up with a cohesive holistic smart home plan requires expertise.

However, Premium Digital Control’s technicians can convert a home into a smart home that consolidates the smart technology a home will need, without the clutter.

Great reasons to have a smart home

Smart home device owners are seeing the value of converting their home into a smart home.

Last May, a study by Quantilope, an insights automation platform, released a survey that determined the leading reasons why smart home device owners converted their homes into a smart home — which will help you plan for your future smart home.

An overwhelming 62% of device owners said they decided to have a smart home “for efficiency,” a counterfoil to the concept that “More is More.” The mantra, “Less is More,” is more apt in the smart home space. “For added security” came in second at 47%.

A close third at 46% was “to make my home more fun/entertaining,” while the fourth reason at 40% was “to stay current/modern.”  

Largely the domain of the consumer was the fifth reason at 32%, with respondents saying “I’m passionate about technology.” “To impress others” came in last at 11%.

From a product-focused mindset, smart home device owners who have used their devices for sometime will naturally gravitate toward consolidation and eventually, customization with interoperability in mind (having different products and brands connected to each other)

For more information, please contact Premium Digital Control at (305) 433-6185 or (954) 637-1361, email at info@premiumdigitalcontrol.com or visit its office at 3890 Pembroke Road, Hollywood, FL 33021. (Dennis Clemente)

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